Not sure of the next big thing?

Well ... we are. 

This live functionality is perfect for the industry that needs to provide clarification to prospects or clients who may find the form difficult or at the least challenging.  It's also perfect for legal, insurance, financial, and other professional services leads, who would like a better way to capture higher retention rates per form.

How's that? you ask.  Well, its simple 2 + 2 math.  (that's 4, btw.)  We give you one CSR who can work with 100 live RealQuickChats per 8 hours.  That's 500 pre-screened, fully appended leads, worked up completely, giving you confidence that these leads sold to your buyer are fully-vetted.

Now compare to a traditional CSR / Call Center model for SSD, PI, or Mass Tort leads.  If one CSR generates 1,000 per week sold to your client, typically only 15% are worked-up for a functioning case.  Out of that only a total of 8.5 % are usually determined to be good, or 85 rough count.  At a cost of $30,000 that's a net-net of 85 at $353 per.  

Using RealQuickChat, you're expecting to see a net-net of 150 solid leads, and the cost is only $15,000 ... that's 50% less at $100 per, all while saving 85% on your overhead costs for the call-center. 

Less overhead/G&A. Cheaper lead cost.  Higher margins per lead.  What's not to like?