"Button, button ... Who's got the button?"

Willy Wonka . .. Innovating with a Golden Ticket (and a button)  

Willy Wonka ... Innovating with a Golden Ticket (and a button)  

Nothing says business acumen like innovation.  Willy Wonka knew a thing or two about innovation, with his delectable delights that caused a world-wide foodie treasure hunt the likes of which had not been seen since manna fell from the sky thousands of years ago.  It was the man's introduction of a 'golden ticket' that got the public's attention.  (Btw, that's a Gene Wilder quote above about the "button" when he played Willy Wonka,) 

In the big, bad world of smash-mouth business, we're always looking for an edge, the foothold that helps us get a leg up, or a handhold that helps us get an inch higher than the next guy.  Sometimes it's just pure hustle; other times it's having insight or critical information about the direction of the industry.

And, in the leadgen business, as we all know, it's a combination of who you know (sometimes who knows you), knowing what leads are the next hot "golden ticket" for your law firm, advocacy group, or broker's campaign ... and then never letting off of the gas when you have that one money-making campaign that's too good to be true.  Yes, we shake that money-maker for all its worth.

So, how do we simply hit that "button" to uncover or innovate ourselves on over to "hey, here's the next thing!"? Who are the thought-leaders in our industry driving innovation? Perhaps it's best to begin at the beginning where it's probably better stated, "Who are the "trust leaders" in our line of work"?  After all, nobody in the leadgen industry is batting a thousand. There are major-league screw-ups in the leadgen business a good deal of the time.  The key is to first earn, then maintain, and finally KEEP the trust of your / our clients.  Are we perfect? No. But, do we strive for perfection with our relationships with our brokers, law firms, and legal service organization partners?  Affirmative.  And, maybe that's the innovation we start with; the button that we should all be striving to press on a daily basis: Good faith efforts, honest communication, and a two-way trust street.  What do you think?