Year-End Denouement ... Season's Reflection

Year End Denoument 2015.jpg

It's the end of the year for 2015, and I'm sure like us you feel like this year just flew by.

At the end of the year, we've the big three to reflect upon: Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah and New Years.  As a business not usually directly tied to a B-to-C model, there always seems to be less of an opportunity for us to really craft a message for consumer clients and those all important warm feelings associated with our national troika of year-end reflection, think Coke polar bears, Microsoft singing outside an Apple retail outlet on 5th Ave., or a John Lewis Insurance commercial with an adorable dancer causing mayhem.


But, we always try to make that connection with the ultimate end user of our products and services, no matter how attenuated it may be, dear friends. For us, it's always a good / great reminder to be thankful.  We do live in an amazing country that affords us as consulting groups, pure leadgen players, law firms and advocacy groups, the opportunity to make a fine living (or attempt to at any rate), making a difference to consumers and clients, whether business units in a large organization or consumer claimants to a law suit.  It's an honor to help people, and we at EW + (blue) are especially honored to assist our clients in that grand endeavor of marketing, telling an engaging narrative, or launching a new product and or service.  

Christmas and Hanukkah remind us that there are some things that are above and beyond our ken, as the great poets of yore were wont to opine.  Not wishing to wax too poetic, but we welcome the miraculous, because God knows we need once in a while to make payroll, hit our conversion rates, or get a response email from a broker who owes us some make-good leads!  But, whether it's a Festival of Lights menorah or an inspired Christmas Creche sitting in some town square (like the one here in Malibu which has both prominently displayed across from each other just below Pepperdine University on PCH), we welcome the moment to realize, recognize, and remember that all of our collective striving throughout the year is all about family and life-goals and things outside of work or our quotidian selves.  To our way of thinking, that's where life gets really interesting, meaningful and inspired.  Good reminders to be sure, and we welcome and celebrate these few but heartfelt opportunities as the business comes to a close in 2015.

Finally, we wish you and your organizations, families and communities the best and blessings for a tremendously healthy and prosperous 2016.  Happy New Year, dear friends!  

-- From those of us at East, West and Blue