About East, West and Blue, LLC

EW + (blue) connects marketing, radio and television, social media, sales, direct response and information professionals with mission-critical data to help launch successful campaigns in various industries.  Whether you're the managing partner of a large law firm or the CEO of a small or midsize business, you've been tasked with getting the most from your organization's marketing spend and driving business development.

We're comprised of IT, data, and marketing professionals who bring a combined 80+ years experience in delivering client-centered solutions and repeatable and measurable results to lead generation and direct marketing professionals in the legal, IT and DRM industries.  At the end of the business day, we look back at our punch list just like you.  Did we hit our goals?  Did we deliver on what we promised?  If not, then 11pm is an hour we're familiar with, because like you, we'll burn midnight oil to get the job done right.

Bottom-line results for your team brings bottom-line results for EW + (blue).  We know if we don't help you hit your business goals then we're not long for this business world. Period.  It's that simple and black and white for us.  We strive to place your business at the center of our business.  Your successes become our success.

We've directed engagements with technology companies looking to sell more devices; a legal services company (SaaS model) in need of a re-brand and an introduction of a new line of business; a digital marketing company with volumes of unwieldy data needing to capture additional value from and for their client portfolio; as well as law firms needing to develop new business with a fresh perspective from a director-level approach to their markets.

More information about our engagement with these representative clients above can be found in the navbar under 'Work'. 

Fate favors the bold. God favors the humble. And, we like them both.
— EW + (blue)