Q: How long has EW + (blue) been doing business?

A: Originally starting out in the data and list business with our direct marketing company Encompass Direct for 22 years, we began by processing check drafts for our many banking clients, then pivoted into the data management and list brokering industry.   Since 2000, we've been working in the legal industry with legal publishers, law firms, legal services organizations, as well as marketing consultancies; since 2013 that work has been done under the EW + (blue) umbrella.

With a combined 70 years industry experience amongst us, we're a team passionate about what we do.  We love this business / industry / company, and we're delighted to be doing what we started during the nascent stages of our respective careers in legal marketing, IT, and data services.

Q: Does EW + (blue) have an FTP, or a backend that we can log onto?

A: Yes.  When we are engaged by our clients, we will provide access to our CRM platform and FTP sites so that you as a client may upload or pull down files, lists, or leads. 

"In the history of policy exceptions, you sir, are the exception!"            -- east, west and blue, LLC

"In the history of policy exceptions, you sir, are the exception!"            -- east, west and blue, LLC

Q: What are your company policies?


If there are changes (material changes) that need to be addressed and signed-off in writing, we are more than accommodating in that regard.  It's our hope that our clients and partners in this business will return on various projects for many years to come, and to that end, we desire to be in a business relationship, not "parties to the first part or the party to the second part."

We own our intellectual property, including our name, as well as those of any of our subsidiaries. As such, we want you to know that we will not use any of your marks, or IP, or content without your written, prior approval also.  What this means is that when we are working with your team on a project that incorporates any of your branding, we won't publish or complete the work without authorization of such usage.

What's good for you, is what's good for EW + (blue).  How do we know this?  Because we come to a meeting-of-the-minds with each of our clients prior to our mutually beneficial engagement.  We will outline for your understanding and agreement the scope, pricing and expectations of each project.

Q: Will EW + (blue) travel if requested?


From time to time, clients will ask one or several of us to travel to corporate HQ or to a remote location, and when possible, we will accommodate such requests.  Our individual travel and daily costs associated with any particular project will be notated up-front, and these charges will be billed in advance of said travel.